Going the Distance

Writers offering strength, hope, and solidarity in a time of
viral pandemic, systemic racism, economic hardship, and climate crisis

When the “Going the Distance” column began on April 1, 2020, we were focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and the fears, hopes, tensions, and oddities generated by the coronavirus and social distancing.

The virus is still with us, social distancing is changing, and our perspective has widened.  “Going The Distance” will continue to bring together writings that offer strength, hope, and solidarity in this time of viral pandemic. Seemingly, events have contrived a global awareness of the shared human condition. And we cannot help but be aware that this time of viral pandemic is also a time of systemic racism, economic hardship, and climate crisis.

   . . . yearning to breathe free . . .

So, on Juneteenth, this column’s intriguing “guy on the bench” logo gave way to Lady Liberty, masked up, lighting the way for all who are “yearning,” in every sense, “to breathe free.” To breathe free of all the chokeholds that threaten us.  Coronavirus.  Systemic racism.  Economic hardship.  Climate crisis.

We are still committed to go the distance together, to complete the fight without getting knocked out. To offer strength, hope, and solidarity.

Mary Susan Gast, editor
“Going the Distance”
20 June 2020