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That We May All - Cover revised(from screenshot2)
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  • want to know more about the United Church of Christ (UCC):
    • the nuts,  bolts,  grace, and pitfalls of UCC structure,
    • the interwoven themes of covenant, hospitality, unity, and
  • are teaching or studying UCC polity (The footnotes invite deeper academic exploration).
  • are leading or taking part in a new members’ class.
  • are in discernment of a call to authorized ministry in the UCC.
  • are an authorized minister.
  • are serving on a Committee on Ministry.
  • are in any leadership role in your Local Church, Association, Conference, or the national setting
  • are drawn to a vision of unity that is not uniformity,  but cherishes diversity and unlikely community.
  • want  to contend with the realities of a church that is non-hierarchical, where the Local Church is the basic unit of church life, and where Jesus Christ is the head of the church.
  • know that church is more community than corporation, less institution than incarnation.
Photo: Northern California Nevada Conference United Church of Christ

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