That We May All (Finally!) Be One

Covenant, Hospitality, and the Expanding Identity of the United Church of Christ

msgoffice-pp-png-022616_300pxLet me introduce you to my book. That We May All (Finally!) Be One is a book about how we are organized and constituted as the United Church of Christ. It’s also about hospitality and covenant, two themes that keep turning up in the life of the United Church of Christ. These themes hold the core of our identity and provide our path for faithful discipleship…. (continued)

What People Are Saying …
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“When people ask me to define the UCC, I am overwhelmed. How can we capture this complex faithful community that honors difference and upholds unity? Gast insists…” (continued)
— Barbara Brown Zikmund, UCC historian, seminary leader, and educator

“Gast addresses tensions that lie at the heart of every united or uniting church.” (continued)
— Randi Jones Walker, author of The Evolution of a UCC Style: Essays in the History, Ecclesiology, and Culture of the United Church of Christ

“The topics for conversation invite dialogue, which is how we learn, explore and define ourselves in the UCC. It should be required reading for clergy and lay persons in leadership in the church.”  (continued)
Roy Mosley, UCC layperson

“The book is helpful for many reasons, particularly its concise model of the how the UCC works.”  (continued)
Dakota Brown, UCC Member in Discernment

“Reading this book is a rich and rewarding experience, very accessible, ample with real life examples. The book speaks directly and penetratingly into not only the “who we are” but “how we are who we are” of UCC members and ministry.”  (continued)
Jerry Bolick, Buddhist, Teacher and Poet

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